North Vancouver Island

Accessible Points of Interest

1. Kwaksistah Park: Here, among the trees, at the water's edge, you'll find a boat launch, fire pits, 12 campsites, picnic tables and two sheltered barbecues.

2. Picnic Beach: 15 minutes by boat to a popular sandy beach used by locals for picnics. The view, of course, is fantastic.

3. Botel Park: A short hike through the woods to the park site and a view which takes you down Forward Inlet, past Robson and Low Islands to the opening of the Pacific Ocean to Quatsino Sound.

4. Open Bay: Previously it was called Open Bay on the charts and local folk still use the name. On the chart you'll find it called Grant Bay. It's a 15-20 minute ride by boat to Browning Inlet and a 1/2 hr. hike across the trail. Explore the long sandy beach, enjoy the pounding surf of the open Pacific and watch the commercial fishing trollers tacking off shore.

5. Raft Cove: The trail starts here. After a 70 minute drive from Winter Harbour and a 45 minute hike to the cove, you can watch the wild beauty of breakers rolling in on a long, sandy beach and then beachcomb for objects the ocean may have left behind on the beach - and who knows? Maybe a Japanese glass ball! This was a homesteaded area in the early 1900's.

6. Ronning Gardens: In 1910 Bernt Ronning bought these 5 acres and over the next 50 years, planted seeds and cuttings of plants from all over the world. Bernt died in 1963 and the rapidly growing rain forest took over. Ron and Julia Moe purchased the property a few years back and are in the process of restoring this heritage site. Visitors are welcome, please leave it as you find it. Take along peanuts to feed the many squirrels on the 10 minute walk in.  For more click here.

7. Holberg: At one time the site of the largest floating logging camp in the world. Here the Scarlet Ibis Pub offers refreshments and good, hot meals. Take-out service also available. There is a gas station, post office, small store, motel and a medical clinic with a R.N. in attendance. It's a half hour drive from Winter Harbour.

8. San Joseph Bay: This is another homestead area, many people lived here. It's a 70 minute drive plus 1 hour on the excellent walking trail - suited to anyone, young and old. There are 11 campsites and a boat launch. You'll never regret this trip or forget the view.

9., 10: Cape Scott: The whole area was at one time settled by pioneers. There was a school, agriculture board, post office, library, wireless service, sawmill and a newspaper called the 'Sandfly'.

9: The head of the Lagoon - An 8 hour walk from the same parking site as San Joseph Bay.

10 - To the Lighthouse - On this walk you'll cross a unique desert area, at the right time of the year you'll find desert flowers in bloom. This is a 2 hour walk from #9 and the view is the best.

11. Lowrie Bay: A half hour hike, accessible from Sea Otter Cove to a sandy beach which is a favourite for beachcombing. This was another homestead area.

12. Sea Otter Cove: a 6 hour trek. At one time this area was heavily populated with its own post office, school and store.

13. Seagull Islands: Favourite nesting place of cormorants and seagulls in May. Chart name is Gilliam Islands.


Winter Harbour Points of Interest

1. Green flashing beacon

2. Rental Cabins - contact Dick's Last Resort

3. Breakwater

4. Grant's General Store - liquor store, fishing supplies, moorage

5. Marine fuel outlet

6. Grant's floats

7. High water boat launch

8. Start of scenic boardwalk

9. Post office (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), public telephones

10. Government public dock

11. Community building - laundromat, toilets, showers

12. Boardwalk continues

13. Dick's Last Resort B&B

14. Old general store site

15. Happy Daze campsite and RV site

16. Old schoolhouse and community meeting place

17. B&B

18. Max Botel park trail to beach

19 'C' Scape trail to beach




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